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Countries are opening its borders – do old habits die hard?

Today, we are seeing more and more countries saying that they will open in the next coming weeks. The openings of the countries have not been outlined completely but it is giving a lot of hope to the tourism industry in certain countries. This is all based of course on health authorities in the countries and availability of flights. As well as, the attitude of the citizens as some might be afraid of welcoming people again if they do not feel save. 

In the last few weeks, there have been so much conversation and even hackathons in the industry and between destinations on the possible changes of the industry and that it should not go back to its old state of e.g. overtourism. Big words have been said and used especially in relation to sustainability.

We know that opening the borders is not going to happen fast. Currently, it is also about surviving. To have a job, to have a running company, to have a functioning destination and save the economy.

Digital Tourism Think Tank outlined seven changes in April that they think will be the “new norm” when destinations open again. The seven trends are and pretty much explain themselves:

  • Virtual is the new real

  •  The attitude to hygiene is non-negotiable

  •   Contactless everything 

  •  Virtual humans as the new normal

  • Social but without the crowding

  •  Care as the new service

  • Value as the base currency

There are many other changes that have been discussed and a lot on how to reassess strategies and take larger steps towards sustainability and responsible travel behavior.

So, now I wonder, when borders open, will destinations actually have made these changes? Or will they welcome any business and travelers and just target to survive? Have they reassessed their strategies in line with a “new norm” or will it just be old habits die hard?

What do you think? 

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