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Four tourism marketing trends for 2022

In the COVID-19 era, there has never been a more challenging time to be in the business and marketing of travel and tourism – which trends will define 2022, and what can marketers learn from Iceland’s post-disaster comeback several years ago?

George Bryand from Brooklyn Brothers and I have worked a lot together through the years around Inspired by Iceland. We sat down few weeks back and wondered about the trends for 2022. From that we wrote this short piece for WARC that was published in November 2021.

Our takeways for the year are the following:

· The four biggest opportunities in the travel category for 2022 are: * The Empathy Revolution; * Regenerative Tourism; * The Eternal Tourist; and * The Netflix of Travel.

· The ‘Inspired by Iceland’ platform re-thought the country’s marketing as that of a purpose-

driven brand in the wake of a volcanic eruption.

· Over the past 18 months a more hybrid and nomadic work culture has emerged – this has immediate and long-term consequences for the travel sector.

Our final words there are: "We’re at a crossroads in global tourism. There are immense opportunities to rethink and reinvent a more purpose-driven travel. But the work requires ambitious marketers, innovative stakeholder partnerships and a new generation of long term, connected tourism creative platforms.”

The whole article can be found here:

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