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Travelling with a baby puts a smile on your face ☀️👩

Well I have not written in a while... and it has been a good reason for it. After trying for years, I finally had my little miracle, a baby boy in February this year. Making me a proud solo mom after forty

We have been enjoying getting to know each other for the last few months. Living in Iceland and being solo with him gives me 12 months of maternity leave which we are going to enjoy to the fullest together.

We have now started travelling and went abroad together for the first time in August.

I had not travelled abroad since February 2020 which is the longest since I was a teenager that I have stayed in one go in Iceland… so I was for sure ready to travel again!

I have travelled a lot through the years, but it is a totally new experience to travel with a 6 months old baby. To be honest - never really paid an attention to how people have managed. But it was such an engaging experience I could not have believed it (...yes yes I know it will be more handful when he starts running around but that will also be a new kind of travel experience).

First of all I decided to be very organised and had read a lot about how to make it easier to travel with a baby. So, I had e.g prepared a bottle for take off and landing so his ears would not pop - as well as I had a yoyo buggy for the plane with me which made things a lot easier as my boy is quite a heave one, enough of sanitizer and some activity and a good backpack is a lifesaver with only two hands and etc etc. But it was other things that surprised me and made me smile - did you know that:

☀You get to be first in line at the check in at the airport and going into the plane?

☀ You get bigger restrooms with changing facilities and seldom a que for them?

☀Everyone want to help you - the flight attendants and other traveler’s e.g holding your baby while going to the restroom at the airplane or handing you things that little one is throwing to the floor

☀Everyone smile - you smile! People’s faces light up when seeing babies and it makes you happy creating a little smile on everyone’s faces.

☀You gain new friends - that is when your little one smiles to the world others smile and start making faces - and yes you start smiling too and chatting to all the friendly people waiting with you for new adventures and yes maybe some new adventure or story begins.

I know this sound simple, and some take it for granted. But I don't, I had been worried it would be stressful and complicated to travel on my own with my little one - but no I just can't wait to for our next trip and my little boy too - he was so happy to see all those new faces and experiencing airplanes and trains for the first time

So, life is good and we can´t wait for more future travels!

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