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We keep on dreaming… travel and tourism trends 2021

I think we all want to know how the travel year 2021 will develop if it will develop at all – despite it already is February. We all keep on dreaming no matter if we are a traveler, working for a destination, travel company or craving to come back into the industry after this horrible backlash the industry has had.

I am myself not a crystal ball and therefore decided to take a few articles together that focus on travel trends and predictions for 2021 and some don´t even like to predict the year 2021 and go all the way to 2025. It is clear though that more conscious travel is on its way as well as nomadic travel seems to be it! Do you agree?

Hope this can be useful and it will be interesting to look at – this will also be interesting to look at again in the end of year 2021 as this is probably one of the most difficult year to predict about …ever.

If you have links to more trend articles please add them to comments!

Phocuswire: Travel trends in 2021 - prepare for a year of new opportunities

· Go big (near or far) or stay home: the year travel dreams come true

· Nomadic travel: Embracing work from anywhere

· The loyalty shift: Better service for all

· Swipe right on tech: touchless tech will inspire traveler confidence

· Travel Agents: Don't leave home without one

· Travel with an impact: smaller footprints and bigger hearts

McKinsey: The travel industry turned upside down: Insights, analysis, and actions for travel executives

· We see signs of latent demand for travel.

· Travelers are keen to travel but feel restrained.

· The working-from-anywhere trend could permanently blur the lines between leisure and business travel.

· Nonprice factors have become more important to customers.

· Self-reported sentiments may not accurately reflect preferences or behavior, despite being easy to gather, and especially in the depth of a crisis.

Amadeus: 6 Trends for 2021: Travelers Comeback

· Go Big (Near or Far) or Stay Home - The year travel dreams come true

· Nomadic Travel - Employers and employees embrace working from anywhere

· The Loyalty Shift - Better Service for All

· Swipe Right on Tech - Touchless tech will inspire traveler confidence

· Our new BFFs: Travel Agents – In times of disruption and uncertainty, travelers are less likely to leave home without one.

· Travel with an Impact - This year we travel with smaller footprints and bigger hearts

Skift: Skift Megatrends 2025

Here are few points from the report:

“We therefore decided to write our best Megatrends forecasts of what travel would look like in 2025, five years from now, when perhaps a sense of a new normalcy would have a chance to settle in. Although we realize that given climate change variables, political strife, the chance of fresh pandemics, and economic dislocations, there’s no guarantee that 2025 will bring stability. “

“A somewhat leaner and more consolidated travel industry, wracked by the coronavirus contagion and the extended period of economic dislocation and pain that ensued, in 2025 simultaneously influences and gets shaped by this Megatrend, which embodies a newly empowered destination decisiveness and purposefulness. As part of this new decisiveness, visitors are embracing the slow travel movement, soaking in fewer attractions in their wanderings and getting more out of each. They’d rather make stops along the way, and take an unanticipated turn toward a small village that just came into view, instead of speeding 80 miles per hour along a highway to add another tourist magnet to their refrigerator.”

“Yes, many travelers in 2025 seek a more intimate, meaningful, and soulful trip experience.” “Domestic trips catapulted to a whole new level after Covid, a trend that remains solid as the world exits a four-year downturn in 2025. But international travel is like a stubborn flame because bucket lists are alive and well, albeit reimagined. Demand for long-term stays emerges from the rising crop of conscious travelers.”

Place Brand Observer: Place Branding 2021: Key Prioritities and Trends to Watch

· Managing the effects of COVID-19.

· Short-term planning to boost economic activity bears the risk to hamper social and environmental sustainability at the expense of fast economic recovery.

· Leverage from the strong community connections.

· Creative messaging and storytelling will be key.

· A fresh opportunity for towns and regions to attract talent.

· Local tourism will increase.

· Country brands will face fierce competition.

· Global logistics systems will change.

· Mitigate the effects of climate change.


Amadeus: 6 Trends for 2021: Travelers Comeback Six trends for 2021: Travel’s comeback story | Amadeus (December 2020)

McKinsey: The travel industry turned upside down The travel industry turned upside down | McKinsey (September 2020)

PhocusWire: Travel trends in 2021 - prepare for a year of new opportunities | PhocusWire Travel trends in 2021 - prepare for a year of new opportunities | PhocusWire. (December 2020)

Skift: Skift Megatrends 2025 (January 2021)

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