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What if we close this year today on winter solstice and take a break until 2021?

"If you believe it will work out, you´ll see opportunities. If you believe it won´t you will see obstacles.” Wayne Dyer

This year has been extremely difficult for everyone in every way – stretching our feelings and life in unexpected ways. Whether it has been COVID19 or like here in Iceland nature at its force. So, I have been thinking a lot about how I end this year with an article on a positive note and about the future trends for destinations … well after I careful thinking I have decided not to. As….

What if from today and for the next 10 days we just take a break from everything including COVID19 and close this year today? In the way that:

  • We take a break from work and worries about what the future will bring.

  • We imagine that we have decided it ourselves that this Christmas and until New Year we spend time only with our closest family and no one else and enjoy this special time that we are given.

  • We enjoy reading, watching tv, playing cards, going out for walks, eating good food, and sleeping. Perfectly stress free. Something we have so many times pictured and then every year we curse that there are so many Christmas parties and too much running around.

  • We take a break from the future and the past and just stay in the moment.

  • We rest our mind from this year to start a new beginning – a year full of possibilities.

  • We start the new year with a relaxed and clear mind – stress less that this new year can never be worse than the one we just survived.

So, I don´t know about you but I am going to take a break now – from today on winter solstice when they day is going to start being longer again – I am going close my computer and stay in the moment for the next 10 days…

… and in the new year I might start with an article on the opportunities and future trends when

have rested, and I am back full of energy and excitement. Back with new objectives and positive outlook for the New Year 2021.

Enjoy the Holidays and Merry Christmas dear Friends! See you in 2021!

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